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What kind of people do we want our children to grow up to be? What skills and capabilities will they need to become the peacemakers and unity builders required for positive change in the world? What kind of families and schools are required to nurture such children? How can we ensure the balanced development of our children, integrating their social, academic and character education?

Day by Day Learning is  collaborating with The Moral Education Department of the Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences and a small group of kindergartens and primary schools in China willing to explore such challenges. Together with teachers, principals and parents, we embark on a journey of learning about character education, its applications and implications, relevant to their communities. During this process, we aim to empower these teachers and parents to use their learning in service to their schools and families.

The character education resources you discover as you browse our site have been created organically over many years, with the kind help of parents, teachers, writers, artists and musicians. We hope they can be used as supplementary material for any character education program being used in school or at home.

We welcome your questions, comments, or any ideas you might have to improve our materials. You are also encouraged to share your experiences, photos and learning on the Community Sharing function on our website.

Enjoy your visit to our site!